GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Holder

Government agencies looking to improve communications in Dallas, TX must work with an approved contractor. PWR Technologies at (469) 609-3537 is a local GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Holder. We have gone through the rigorous approval process of the Government Services Agency and are an approved provider of a wide array of telecommunications services for agencies in the federal government.

Communicating effectively, whether via phone or internet, is often a crucial when dealing with governmental issues. If you are dealing with a government contract where your business will need to work with different agencies, it helps if you can find Dallas communications contractors that are approved by the US government. As a Schedule 70 contract holder we can provide businesses with VoIP, internet and other communications services at a fair price.

PWR Technologies is dedicated to offering the best possible service and pricing for all clients. You can rely on our team to handle a wide range of IT services including infrastructure upgrades, network monitoring, cloud storage and backup and so much more. Just give us a call for details or to discuss and Schedule 70 requests today.

If you’re involved with a government agency and want improved communications in Dallas, TX, PWR Technologies is where to call. We are a GSA approved vendor ready to help you cut down administrative costs for your agency IT services. Dial (469) 609-3537 to speak with our staff today.

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