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Effective workplace collaboration is a necessity to ensure business continuity and a stellar reputation. Work environments that prioritize teamwork and collaboration tools are more productive and have an easier time identifying opportunities to grow business operations.

To assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in this endeavor, Microsoft created a collaboration platform that consolidates information systems while keeping all authorized personnel connected with each other and their data. This solution—SharePoint—is a hidden gem in Microsoft’s trove, but it can be slightly tricky for teams to maintain without comprehensive SharePoint consulting.

What is SharePoint in simple terms?

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration system and information management platform that allows users to store, manage, and share data within authorized teams. In other words, SharePoint enables teams to work together more effectively, leveraging synchronization and automation software to streamline business processes and keep data updated in real time.

SharePoint is available in two forms:

  • SharePoint On-Premises: The solution that runs on your business’s on-site servers.
  • SharePoint Online: A cloud-based version of SharePoint that is hosted by external data centers.

SharePoint is a fundamental component of Microsoft 365 (M365 or Microsoft Office 365)—Microsoft’s suite of workplace productivity solutions. By integrating SharePoint with M365 with the assistance of an experienced SharePoint consultant, organizations can reduce inefficiencies and quicken any file-sharing process.

What can SharePoint be used for?

In today’s business landscape, speed and accuracy are two traits that are highly valued by employers, stakeholders, and customers alike. Customers are 2.4x more likely to remain in business with organizations that solve their problems quickly. In order to meet this requirement, SMBs need to invest in a collaboration system that encourages efficiency and eliminates the risk of communication and information silos.

Microsoft’s collaboration system can be used for the following scenarios:

  • Storing and managing data.
  • Project management.
  • Document management, including co-authoring.
  • Developing and deploying team sites—hubs that consolidate assignments and information for teams to easily access and use.
  • Storing and managing old drafts of documents.
  • Team communication.

Organizations and their staff accumulate data every day, and without a system to store and organize this information, companies are at greater risk of losing data and making errors. A SharePoint environment effectively creates a secure ecosystem for your business’s teams to operate within.

This is necessary to keep track of any information that is being collected and to make sure that data is being used in ways that will enhance your company’s operations and customer retention rates.

What are the benefits of SharePoint’s collaboration system?

Microsoft’s SharePoint solution is a versatile platform that brings nothing but a world of benefits to SMBs. It supports a range of features and robust capabilities to power up your business processes, improve team collaboration, and enable your organization to make more informed decisions about its services.

With SharePoint, your company can benefit from:

  • Increased information security: SharePoint gives administrators the ability to assign permission levels to individual lists, documents, folders, etc.
  • Improved collaboration: SharePoint’s intranet feature (a solution that allows you to create private networks that are only accessible from within your organization) allows your employees to easily communicate and collaborate with one another.
  • Streamlined document sharing: Supports a document library where employees can access, view, and edit documents.
  • Productivity and efficiency growth: SharePoint can help patch up any collaboration and communication issues your business has, allowing you and your team to focus on completing projects, impressing your customers, etc.

Your employees are fundamental to your success, and you should be doing everything you can to support their workflows while making their jobs as stress-free as possible. To make this happen, you can start by creating a productive work environment that takes advantage of a robust collaboration system such as Microsoft SharePoint.

However, SMB owners are busy, and it is understandable that they may not have the time to properly install and learn how to manage SharePoint effectively. In these situations, comprehensive SharePoint consulting performed by a SharePoint consultant can be a great solution.

What is a SharePoint consultant?

An expert in SharePoint development and business technology strategies, a SharePoint consultant is a Microsoft professional that is certified in SharePoint and other Microsoft-developed products and services. A SharePoint consultant is a trusted advisor that can help SMB owners and managers understand the benefits of SharePoint, how to use it effectively, and the best ways to implement the collaboration system.

Do SMBs need SharePoint consulting?

While SharePoint is intuitive enough for any organization to use, SharePoint consulting opens an SMB’s door to a wider world of business technology and increased revenue. Apart from educating SMBs on the uses and benefits of the solution, a SharePoint consultant possesses the expertise and experience to source, implement, and maintain SharePoint within an SMB environment.

There are several benefits to investing in SharePoint consulting. They are:

  • Access to relevant Microsoft skills and knowledge.
  • Reduced chance of improper installations that can cause downtime and data loss.
  • Increased confidence in Microsoft products and services.
  • Advisory services that offer platform-specific advice based on your business, its staff, values, and information stores.
  • Reliable SharePoint monitoring and management.
  • High-quality security stemming from correct configurations.
  • Ongoing compliance support.

Adopt Microsoft’s collaboration system with cost-effective SharePoint consulting

Data flows and information sharing keep SMBs performing at the top of their field. A dynamic collaboration system, like SharePoint, can help SMBs achieve their goals while helping them avoid inconveniencing customers and employees with poor collaboration tools and ineffective processes.

The Microsoft SharePoint consultancy services at PWR Technologies will supply your business with a SharePoint consultant with years of experience in supporting SMBs with Microsoft solutions. Contact the company’s SharePoint experts today to upgrade your current collaboration system and maximize your productivity.

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