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Many businesses find when they begin to focus on improving their customers’ experience, they see a marked increase in revenue. Your customers are your best source of feedback and recommendations. When you reach out to them on a personal level, the information that emerges can help improve business relationships for both current clients as well potential customers. By asking for their input, you can improve the way your business works, and they’re more likely to come back to your business if they feel heard. 

Connecting with and collating customer data is easy to do with Microsoft Forms, available to businesses with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft Forms is a powerful but intuitive application that empowers organizations to easily collect customer data, turning them into more data-driven and connected work environments. 

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use application with a wide range of uses, including collecting feedback, keeping track of customer demographics, and more. 

Microsoft Forms is the most dynamic survey and poll tool out there. With a few clicks, you can create surveys, polls, and questionnaires from existing templates and then publish it online for your customers to access on any device, including computer, phone, or tablet. All data will be automatically collected once the form has been completed so that customers don’t have to do anything to send back their information. 

How using Microsoft Forms can benefit your business

Microsoft Forms is a simple and effective way to create quick and easy polls, but you could also do more in-depth surveys that would benefit from a better understanding of your customer base. When collecting information about what people think about certain products or services, these data sources can drive future business decisions for product development, new markets to explore, or even more effective marketing campaigns for existing products and services. 

You can use Microsoft Forms in different ways to collate feedback including:

  • Feedback about your customer service 
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Tracking the customer journey
  • Feedback on specific interactions
  • Demographic data for market research
  • New product development

Customer data connection

Microsoft Forms is a very simple application to use, and offers existing templates or allows you to create your form from scratch. When you have decided on the format and created your form, there are various ways to then make sure your target audience can access it in the easiest way possible, including on their computer, smartphone, or tablet:

  • Embedded on a website or blog
  • Emailed directly to customers through Microsoft Forms
  • Create a link to be sent via text, messaging services, or email
  • Create and download a QR code
  • Sent through social media. 

Customers don’t have to remember to email or return the form to you, as the data collected is instantly available through the Microsoft Forms interface. This improves the return rate of data, as most people will forget to reply to an email or put it off until later. This time-saving feature also allows users to view customer information directly, rather than compiling all the form responses. 

The next step after the data is collected is to process and collate it. Data can be sorted by demographics, how many responses there were, the questions most people responded to, etc. Reporting consumer data analytics is easy as Microsoft Forms integrates with Office 365 apps. You can create charts or graphs in Excel or insert any information from Forms into a PowerPoint slide presentation for colleagues to see. 

Power up your business advantage with Microsoft Forms

When you reach out to your customers on a personal level and interact with them, the information that emerges can help you improve business and relationships with both current and new clients. If you haven’t started using Microsoft Forms yet or have done so only sparingly, there are numerous benefits of this innovative technology you could be missing out on. 

Talk to PWR Technologies today about customer data management solutions like Microsoft Forms today if you want experts’ advice on how to take advantage of this simple and effective way of connecting with your customers. 

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