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There are more than 5000 credit union organizations in the United States. That number is expected to increase as the financial services industry changes and people look for more autonomy over their money through online banking and other solutions.

In order to stay competitive and respond to emerging trends, credit unions need to invest in programs and solutions that will enhance their day-to-day processes and reinvent operations.

None of the tools available in today’s market are more reliable and convenient than M365 (Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office 365). Microsoft’s suite of productivity applications can innovate credit unions in seven ways.

Applications for every task

Microsoft Office 365’s productivity tools are designed to cater to all business tasks. From task management to credit reports and presentations, M365’s solutions can be used to streamline the way credit unions operate while providing employees with the equipment they need to get the job done.

M365 applications include:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Teams
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Forms
  • And more

Without dynamic tools, credit unions can unwittingly slow themselves down and deliver a less-than-satisfactory experience to members. M365 can provide users with the tools they need to succeed.

Cultivate a collaborative culture

Approximately 75% of today’s employees consider collaboration and teamwork essential for their jobs. Equipment capable of connecting its users (for example, Microsoft Teams) is a necessity for the modern workforce. 

Any file or document created in M365’s applications can be shared with team members, internally and externally. Stored in the Microsoft platform, these projects can be edited by yourself and others (co-authoring). There is no limit to the number of people who can access and edit a document in real time. 

Every edit is saved automatically and is viewable by others. Everyone within your organization is kept up to date on a project and only interacts with its latest version.

Take advantage of cloud-based technology

The cloud refers to any computing service that runs on a remote server accessed via the Internet. Cloud technology makes your information and programs readily available whenever you need them. Microsoft’s products and services are hosted by the cloud.

Upon implementation, your company’s critical data and everyday processes can be accessed from any device and at any time. Any data your business gathers can be stored in the cloud and is readily available for use by anyone in your company, saving your employees time and making collaboration with your team easier.

Solid cybersecurity

Threats target organizations in any industry. They can be malicious events such as malware and hacking or natural disasters including floods and earthquakes. Regardless of the threat, M365’s cybersecurity measures can protect your credit union’s data, procedures, and the member experience.

Microsoft’s approach to cybersecurity encompasses everything from identity and access management, to threat protection and security and risk management. The security policies can be modified to suit your organization’s requirements. The cloud gives your company peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up on another network.

As a credit union, your business accumulates people’s financial information—their livelihood. M365 can help keep this information, and the systems that handle it, safe 24/7/365.

Promote business agility

A business’s ability to identify and respond to shifts in the market can keep them relevant and engaged with current and prospective customers. The finance industry experiences rapid changes from the rise of cryptocurrencies to the changing policies of digital banking. Credit unions need to be adaptable.

Microsoft 365 provides users with up-to-date solutions that streamline operations and boost efficiency. With this in mind, M365 eliminates a business’s dependency on outdated systems and processes. 

By leveraging the cloud and embracing the latest technologies, credit unions can focus on monitoring the market, brainstorming solutions to potential issues, and ensuring that business can continue as usual.

User-friendly programs

Digital technology can often seem intimidating to people who may not have the skills or knowledge to learn and use it effectively. Of course, you can always allocate time to study your new systems and their programs. But easy-to-use solutions that let you and your staff hit the ground running are a convenience that all businesses deserve to have.

Microsoft 365 applications are incredibly user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces developed for everyday use. They can be installed onto several devices (mobile devices and computers) and can be used with various operating systems. 

Implementing new technologies into established processes can always be tricky. Still, with solutions like those found in M365, credit unions can satisfy their objectives while solving their employees’ problems.

Cost-efficient plans

Microsoft offers its programs in curated bundles that can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. Each subscription plan (which also supports a free trial) requires you to pay per month with a price tag that reflects the scale of services on offer.

For example, Microsoft 365 Business Basic offers users simple, robust features and services better suited for small businesses. However, Microsoft does not force you to stay with one plan. If your company grows, you can easily scale your subscription to keep your organization’s IT systems secure and usable. 

Microsoft 365 is a reputable solution to a credit union’s organizational needs and processes. By using modern technologies and the benefits that come along with them, M365 makes credit unions more efficient, productive, and adaptable to the finance industry’s changing needs.

The Microsoft consulting services at PWR Technologies are based on years of experience and industry expertise. Talk to the team today to see how your credit union can innovate itself with M365 to stay competitive and valuable.


Jackson July 17, 2022

Cybersecurity should be a primordial concern for companies. Looking at how much damage cybercriminals have already done, you’d expect everyone to use proper security and yet that’s not the case. M365 is one of the better ways to protect against unwanted attacks.

Stuart July 25, 2022

Credit unions that are not yet using Microsoft 365 and being left behind by those who are. M365 makes things so much streamlined, faster and easier for everyone involved. And their prices are very reasonable especially considering the features it has.

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